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My Grateful Heart

School has started and it didn’t take long for our chillaxing summer afternoons to be a distant memory.  School absolutely interferes with our carefree summer lifestyle. HA!  School is a MUST and WE. WILL. SURVIVE. another year of early alarm clocks, carpool schedules, HOMEWORK, and the usual afternoon chaos.  I am so blessed to have 3 healthy boys, a hard working husband who provides for his family, a “tribe” of Jesus lovin’ mommas who share the burdens of parenting with me EVERY SINGLE DAY, and the good willed, caring, compassionate people of Livingston Parish and my community.

I thank you.  We thank you.

Over the last few years, and especially the last few months, I have been blown away by God’s goodness and the goodness of our supporters.  Mighty MOms couldn’t do what we love to do without our faithful contributors, prayer warriors, volunteers, and friends of Christ.  We just couldn’t.  We know that this ministry belongs to GOD and we are thankful HE lets us be HIS hands and feet in our hurting little world in South Louisiana.  WE are grateful that we have all of you who have supported us from the start, from the middle, and from last week.

I am very conscious that my life, MOST of OUR lives, are different from those moms and families that MIghty Moms has the privilege of serving.  Getting ready for back to school is a stressful and costly time of the year.  Uniforms, haircuts, supplies, booksacks, shoes, lunch money, school fees, spirit shirts, and the list goes on and on.  That list is a bit stressful for me too.  If you are having a hard time making ends meet on a regular basis, this list could send you straight over the edge.  What if you are a single parent?  What if you don’t have the loving support of your family?  or a “village of mommas” loving and encouraging you daily?  Scary thoughts like these make me get on my knees and thank Him.. for the good and the not so good in my life.

I just want to say THANK YOU and I wish I could hug each of your necks right now.  Because of your kindness and generosity, we have lightened the load for many this school year.  We’ve had fun buying and sorting uniforms for all shapes and sizes.  We bought LOTS of school supplies and have more were donated.  Full Tummy Bags have been packed and delivered this week. Groceries for families who don’t have enough to eat is something we buy weekly. We smile big SMILES when we write checks for school fees.  School fees are HUGE.  Depending on the school and grade, fees range from $20-$30 per child.  Its rare to see a family in need with one child.  So you see, fees add up.  We are so appreciative that we have money to help children get back to school.  THANK YOU.

I consider myself to be a lucky girl

to live in this place with such giving people. I am proud to live in Livingston Parish.  Just wanted you all to know how much your contribution means to those who don’t have enough this “back to school” season.

You must love one another,

said Jesus.  Tonight I am thankful for His love, your love, and the love we are able to show others through uniforms, school fees, and Full Tummy Project.



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