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My Christmas Journey

God has taken me on a fantastic journey these past few months. I didn’t realize it would be a so-called “journey” until it was almost over and it became obvious that was I definitely on a JOURNEY. An adventure that would S T R E T C H my faith. A journey that would bring me to my knees in worship. A journey that would remind me to continually bring my gifts to Jesus to bring HIM GLORY.

Several months ago, God opened my eyes to the needy in different parts of our parish. He showed me this through Full Tummy Project because He had a plan. Mighty Moms Holiday Food Extravaganza was born and so it began. After being blown away by the support of our friends and community during our Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway, I knew December 29 would be equally as sensational. I made the grocery list and contacted businesses, churches, and our faithful supporters. Everyone was super generous and the food started coming in massive quantities! As the Mighty Mom house started filling up, I began to get nervous. Then as we totaled up the food we received and starting putting numbers on what was still needed….I began to freak out a little. We needed 10,000 food items to feed the 400 families I thought God had told me to feed. The dollar amount on that food freaked me out ALOT.

I was in a full blown freak out!

About this same time, I had been reading in Matthew and digging into the Journey of the Magi….The long faith filled journey the wise men took.. These 3 Magi each had a calling from God. God had asked them to follow a STAR to see Baby Jesus. The Son of God. The Messiah. The King of Kings. They all left their homes, jobs, families and walked in FAITH to what God had called them to do. I wonder if they ever doubted hearing the command like I did? I am ashamed to say, I did wonder if had heard his voice at all. Had I heard him say to feed that many people? That much food? How could it happen? What if no one came to be fed? Too many questions for my Father. Sometimes I have such little faith. I wish I could say I was different.

God was with the Magi their entire journey. He protected and strengthened them along the way. He gave them each other and a STAR to journey with. He never left them…not once. He also gave me sweet friends who worked steadfastly with me, we encouraged and cheered each other on until the last minute. The Magi’s journey and my Christmas journey were both filled with wonder and faith. God showed himself to me many times throughout my journey. I have to share one of these days with you. It was Friday after Christmas and I was full of anxiety, fear, and doubt. I called my dear friend, Helen, who knew about my doubt from the night before. She had calmed me before I went to sleep by reminding me that God is always faithful to His promises. Not only that, but that we can not see the future, so we must walk by FAITH not by sight and TRUST Him for the outcome of December 29. That morning….I was still a mess.

We prayed together.

Prayed for God to multiply the food we had and we asked for his favor with everyone I met that morning. Well, I can tell you that HE heard and answered our prayers in a MIGHTY way. I needed something like 50 more boxes of macaroni and cheese to complete that food group. I started searching in the Full Tummy room after we prayed hoping I would find a few full size boxes and guess what? Oh yea…I found 50. I am not joking. Thank you Jesus and of course I had to apologize for my unbelief. Next…..I was off the Walmart. I dreaded going in. Walmart after Christmas…Yuck. Busy store with grouchy workers and customers. I didn’t want to go in and ask to speak to the grocery manager and order over 100 cases of food. I just didn’t want to go in. But I did. Remember we prayed for favor? God had already walked before me and made a way. It was easy. Natalie and Rich at Walmart were the sweetest things and I stood in awe at God had done. As I talked with Rich about my budgeted price of $1.93 per box of cereal and how it was hard to find. He says, “you will never believe it but I just put all this cereal on sale for $1.25 a box!” WHAT the What?? Ok this must be a joke. He goes on to say, I better get it all now because at that price it will all be gone before lunch. I stand there alone with my one buggy and think how the heck am I going to do this? Just so happens the most precious grandma, grandpa, and 2 grand babies walk up asking me what I need so much cereal for. As I tell them, precious Ray tells his wife that he is going to get 2 more buggies for me and they will help me load it up, push it to the cashier, and them out to my car. I burst into tears. NO ONE ever wants to help anyone in Walmart…especially a Jesus lovin’ freak who is loading up 300 boxes of cereal. But Ray and Evelyn did. It was a DIVINE APPOINTMENT we all had in Walmart that morning. When it was all loaded and I hugged their necks like 10 times each, I sat in my car and cried like a baby. I cried because I was happy, I was overwhelmed, there were joyful tears and tears of sorrow for my lack of faith. I called Helen and cried even more. I realized Friday morning, not for the 1st time but the 10th time, that HE wants my obedience.

Just walk in obedience Dawn Birdsong and I have it all worked out for you because I LOVE YOU.

I HAD heard His voice all those months ago.

The MM Holiday Food Extravaganza turned out great. Luke 18:27 says that What is impossible with men is possible with God. That couldn’t be more true about our Christmas food giveaway. We fed 400 families over 11,000 grocery and produce items. We were able to give abundantly to those families in need. We shared the burden of hunger with our community. It was beautiful. It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day. It was the day the Lord had made and we rejoiced and were glad.

I want to thank Luke 10:27, New Covenant, First United Methodist–DS, Christ Community Church, First Baptist, Wholly Ground, and Revival Temple for supporting us through this Food Extravaganza. Baton Rouge Food Bank showed up with the freshest fruit and vegetables.

Thank you for the bottom of my grateful heart.

So many precious people in our community have given us financial support, moral support, prayer and working hands and feet. It couldn’t have been done without each and every one of you. To Him be the Glory and Honor and Praise for this Christmas journey and many more to come.
My friend, Andrea, from has written a devotional over the years about the Journey of the Magi. Go over and check it out when you have time. I thought I would leave you with these words of hers as we start 2014:

The wise men worshiped Jesus–and they knew God’s voice.

The more we worship Jesus–the more we will know His voice and be able to follow Him in the new ways He wants to lead us. The wise men also show us that God will often lead us BEYOND our own understanding– differently from the ways and patterns He has led us in the past. There will often be risks involved–but as we listen to Him, we will know which way to go–and ultimately it is the way that bring Him the most glory, protect us from harm and help us stay in His perfect, good and pleasing will for our lives. Let us be open to walking in new directions–down roads that are unfamiliar to us when He calls us–and worshiping Him along the way.

Happy New Year, Everybody!



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