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Families feeding Families

One of our summer projects, Families feeding Families, has been a blessing to the Mighty Mom teams and the families they have met. Each team has a certain neighborhood or street in our community and they deliver cooked food and treats once a week….sometimes more sometimes less.

We wanted each team to take ownership of their area in the community. We gave them a budget and told them to GO! They chose the meal, the day and time, and the extras. I love the way each team has done things a little different, but all in the name of LOVE.

The summer is coming to an end, but we hope to continue this project in some way through the Fall.


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Enlightened was my overall feeling.

I was surprised at the many different issues that concerned adults in our city. I was enlightened to the different issues that concern families that I had not thought of before.

The first Denham Strong Community Meeting reminded me that we all play an important role in the future of our city. Each of us have different concerns and opinions and none of them are less important than the other. I know DRAINAGE is at the top of the list for most of us, but traffic, beautification, and our youth come in close behind.

I enjoy the meetings I attend each week and I am looking forward to the future of our city.

I feel even stronger that we are empowered as a group and dedicated in our common cause.




Image resource link: Denham Springs Strong Second Community Meeting

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There Are No Words

No Words - MMs Blog

What an amazing year 2015 has been for Mighty Moms.  I love this little group we call Mighty Moms.  I love the way God is writing this story in our community.  I love the people we serve every week.  I love the volunteers I’ve met and the beginning of new relationships.  I love the hard work it takes to keep it all going.  The gratitude and joy that I experience every day because of the incredible people who make Mighty Moms happen is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

The volunteers, teachers, businesses, children, churches, and all those who gave their time and prayers have truly blown me away this year.  I have been reminded of the good in the world this holiday season.  I see the love of Christ permeating our little community.  I am so grateful for the people I am surrounded with and lucky to work along side so many caring leaders and individuals.

We all live crazy busy lives.  Our families, our jobs, and our ministries all take time in our week.  Our to-do lists continue to grow and our calendars are full.  So, a sincere thank you to those who are balancing it all and still serving and giving of their time and resources to Mighty Moms even in the midst of crazy busyness.  I deeply appreciate you.

Thank you to those who have rallied around Mighty Moms in many ways.  Praying on your hands and knees for hunger to cease in our neighborhoods.  Packing Full Tummy bags every week for children to take home on the weekends.  Hosting food drives and barrels in your offices and classrooms to collect food for our Holiday Pantry and Full Tummy Project.  Committing to deliver Full Tummy bags every week for the entire school year–you are angels to so many in need.  Donating to our organization because you believe it is a good and worthy cause.  Calling and asking me if there is anything you can help me with, bless you.

You are Rock Stars, Heroes, and World Changers.  We would not be where we are today without the power of your generous and passionate hearts.

As I think about the last 12 months,  here are a few examples of how you have been a part of blessing our community:

  • January Holiday Pantry
  • Keller Williams Red Day
  • Easter Holiday Pantry
  • Oak Point Fresh Market Lemonade Stand
  • Souper September
  • Integrity Insurance Fill A Tummy 5K and Fun Run
  • Our 40th Livingston Parish School joined Full Tummy Project
  • Volunteer SuperTeams were launched
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Meal Outreach

I am wildly thankful for this incredible group of people that God has placed in my heart and in my life.  There are no words to explain how I feel about each person, prayer, and dollar that has come been shared with Mighty Moms this year.


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Thanksgiving Blessings of a Full and Happy Heart

I long for heart to heart intimacy with Jesus-every day.  I struggle during these busy weeks to find the time and strength to nurture my relationship with Jesus.  I know my time at His feet suffers and so all things in my heart and head get out of whack.  I’ve been reading and studying Martha and Mary over the past few weeks.

Luke 10:38-42 is their story.

We know how it goes.  Martha was busy busy preparing her home for Jesus and his disciples.  So much to do and so little time.  Sounds familiar huh?  Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His teachings.  I love verse 42.  Jesus says to Martha,

There is only need for ONE thing and Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.

Mary chose what was BETTER.. sitting at the feet of Jesus was the better thing.  Not hurrying around the house cleaning, cooking, being anxious and aggravated.  Mary took the time to worship Jesus and know Him better.

We are all different and that is just the way God made us.  Fearfully and Wonderfully made.  Some of us Marys and some Marthas.

I admit I want to be 100% Mary.  I want to only focus on HIM.  Not the other stuff that comes with entertaining and serving.  I want to sit at his feet and worship extravagantly.

Every day.  Several times a day.

I guess I am part Mary but I am also part Martha.  Wanting everything to be perfect.  My home, my menu, our Christmas pictures, the Full Tummy Project, Holiday Food Distributions, and the list goes on.  Driving myself, Ben, Adam, Connor, and Cole, and I’m sure my friends (at times) CRAZY.  Not only do I “busy” myself with the holiday stuff but also with Mighty Moms.  That still quiet voice in my spirit has SPOKEN some truth to me lately.  Truth that has been hard to swallow.  I don’t want my “duties” as a wife, mom, mighty mom, and friend to substitute my “devotion” time to my KING.  So many things to do and so little time leads to frustration and a sour attitude for me at times.  I am thankful my Father in Heaven cares enough to show me and tell me where I am going wrong.  I am even more thankful HE FORGIVES ME.  He continually reminds me what is BETTER.  I am just a dumb sheep who needs my Shepherd to guide me and remind me.

Mark Driscoll told his Mars Hill church this..

Spend time with Jesus, then get things done.  Worship like Mary, then work like Martha.

So this Holiday season, I am going to make it a priority no matter how busy.. even if I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier.. to spend that quiet time at His feet each morning before I serve, and work, and sacrifice, and LOVE the least of these.  I want to have a Mary heart toward Jesus so I need to choose the right thing.

Fellowship with Jesus

May your Thanksgiving Day be full of
your favorite people
lots of laughter, football and card playing
new memories made and long chats about the old ones
lots of yummy food and a good nap or two and a
happy, happy, happy,
grateful heart!



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