Holiday Mobile Pantry

These are some of our favorite days our of Mighty Mom year. When the kids are off of school for extended breaks we know the burden of hungry kids at home. Lots of our Mighty Mom friends are use to and depend on school breakfast and lunch. When our hungry growing little people are home for a week or two or eight, they can eat us out of house and home.

Our hope is that our Mobile Pantry will ease burden during those times. Easter, Christmas, and summer are rough on families who regularly struggle putting food on the table. We love to host the pantry or as we like to call it….our SUPERSIZED FREE GROCERY STORE! We collect grocery items from from our friends all over the parish. We try to have fresh produce and dairy items from the BR FoodBank. We have meat and bakery items. It’s an abundance of food and we give it away to the families who come that day. So much LOVE goes out with all the food. It’s a really good day for everyone involved.

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