LSU Seniors, future teachers, packed Full Tummy bags with us. Bless Them. They are so precious. They are going to be great teachers!

Full Tummy Participating Schools

Here’s our growing list of schools who are actively participating in our Full Tummy program.  We welcome you to contact us if you know of kids in your school who need our help!

  1. Albany Lower Elementary
  2. Albany Upper Elementary
  3. Denham Springs Elementary
  4. Denham Springs Freshman High
  5. Denham Springs High School
  6. Denham Springs Junior High
  7. Doyle Elementary
  8. Doyle High School
  9. Eastside Elementary
  10. French Settlement Elementary
  11. French Settlement High
  12. Freshwater Elementary
  13. Frost Elementary
  14. Gray’s Creek
  15. Head Start
  16. Holden School
  17. Juban Parc Elementary
  18. Juban Parc Junior High
  19. Levi Milton
  20. Lewis Vincent Elementary
  21. Live Oak Elementary
  22. Live Oak High School
  23. Live Oak Middle School
  24. Maurepas School
  25. North Corbin Elementary
  26. North Corbin Junior High
  27. North Live Oak Elementary
  28. Northside Elementary
  29. Pathways
  30. Pine Ridge
  31. Seventh Ward Elementary
  32. South Fork Elementary
  33. South Live Oak Elementary
  34. South Walker Elementary
  35. Southside Elementary
  36. Southside Junior High
  37. Springfield Elementary
  38. Springfield Middle School
  39. Springfield High School
  40. Walker Elementary
  41. Walker Freshman High
  42. Walker High School
  43. Westside Junior High