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2 Important Questions

When I’m asked to talk about childhood hunger with groups in our community, I talk about these 2 scenarios. In recent email from a National Organization, No Kid Hungry, it’s obvious they talk about it too.
You’re about to read two questions…
They are either/or questions. And the purpose of these questions is to determine what you would do if you were faced with these situations.
Simple enough? Great.
Here’s the first question.
What choice would you make: Pay rent for the month even though it means your family won’t have money for food, or, buy a months’ worth of food but your family will not have a home to eat in?
Here’s the second question.
What choice would you make: Go to the grocery store and buy two weeks’ worth of food, or, pay for your child’s medical expenses to ensure they have what’s needed for survival?
What decision would you make if you were faced with those situations?
 These may seem like over the top rhetorical questions.
However, we assure you they’re not. Many families we serve face choices like this every month. In fact, this is the struggle they’re constantly up against. They understand all too well that…
Life is full of ups and downs.
It has its twists. It has its turns. And, you know what? You can’t control the twists or the turns. You can only control the choices you make.
Mighty Moms serves many families that face scenarios like this every month. As Childhood Hunger Awareness Day gets closer, please visit www.mightymomsgo.org to see how you and your business can get involved.


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