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Vaping: What Parents Need To Know

If you have a pre-teen or teen you have probably had a discussion with your child or maybe with any parent about Vaping and Juuling.  This new fad among our junior high and high school kids has caused concern in my group of people this summer.  My youngest son, goes to Central Private School and […]

Go Play!

So how many of you out there are ready for school to start? This Mama is! Personally,  I like the routine of the school year.  Summer is great, at first,  relaxing days, no rushing around, sleeping late…..  you know all the good stuff.  That is until about week 6 for me.  Now, I cant handle the […]

Change is good

Change is hard because our brains are wired to do the same thing over and over, regardless if that “thing” is good or bad for us or is working or not working for us.  Change is difficult when going through it. I do believe change is good for us though.   Mighty Moms recently CHANGED […]

Embracing Change

Change…….. Sometimes just that word can cause a range of emotions to flood you.  Change is not bad, just different. There is always time to change your life for the better when we learn how to embrace it and welcome it.  Change can inspire us and motivate us to reach higher than we ever have […]