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February SNAP benefits

The SNAP program is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). As a result of the partial government shutdown, new spending was halted. SNAP was fully funded through January and the USDA subsequently identified a process through the previous budget resolution to allow funding for February benefits as long as they were paid […]

Thanksgiving 2018

Although the Thanksgiving holidays are coming to a close, my overflowing heart isn’t ready for it to be over. The turkey leftovers are slim in the fridge, but my thoughts of TURKEYS are still so close. My friends, family, and I had a great holiday serving our community plenty of hams, turkeys, yummy sides and […]

How To Develop Soft Eyes This Holiday Season

I ran across this article last week and thought it was a great reminder as we enter the busy Holiday Season. HOW TO DEVELOP SOFT EYES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON by Margaret Feinberg How to Develop Soft Eyes This Holiday Season Bright lights. Crowded stores. Traffic jams. Over the upcoming weeks, you’ll find moments of joy […]

Managing our busy schedules

I’ve been asked to share a few tips focusing on how to manage an incredibly busy schedule. Between completing homework, preparing dinner and fulfilling every extracurricular activity, the list can sometimes seem overwhelming. Don’t fret! It’s important to understand that you don’t magically manage, it takes years of practice, but I think if you’ll follow […]

The ABCs of Education-Related Tax Breaks

The ABCs of Education-Related Tax Breaks Educating your family can be costly. However, if your children are in elementary or high school, you could save with tax breaks offered by the Louisiana Department of Revenue.As you begin to shop for supplies and other necessities, keep in mind the important information below. Louisiana Department of Revenue […]

2 Important Questions

When I’m asked to talk about childhood hunger with groups in our community, I talk about these 2 scenarios. In recent email from a National Organization, No Kid Hungry, it’s obvious they talk about it too. You’re about to read two questions… They are either/or questions. And the purpose of these questions is to determine what you […]


Types of Bullying and How to Spot Them: These days, bullying is no longer limited to face-to-face interactions.  When I was in schools teaching the DARE Program  “bullying” was the subject I was most passionate about because I could see the pain that bullying caused to so many students and how they were affected from […]


Who is ready for school to start?? As a parent, this time of year is surrounded with many emotions.  If I am honest, I am ready for them to go back to school.  But then they go back, and I miss spending so much time with them.  So as a parent, how do we prepare […]

Exciting News!

For years, I have wanted to have a Childhood Hunger Awareness Day in our community.  Parish President, Layton Ricks,  and I talked about it several years ago and he told me, “just tell me when.”   Several months ago with the help of our friend and board member, Jan Benton, it was approved for the […]