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Change is good

Change is hard because our brains are wired to do the same thing over and over, regardless if that “thing” is good or bad for us or is working or not working for us.  Change is difficult when going through it. I do believe change is good for us though.


Mighty Moms recently CHANGED our food pantry location.  We all loved our place at Christ’s Community Church and it worked for us for a long time.  I am thankful for that location and the people of the church. It was great while it lasted.


But…..our food pantry grew each month.  Every part of the food pantry GREW! Growth is good.  It’s painful at times, but good. We need a bigger place with more room.  We needed some shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Mother Nature hadn’t been cooperating with our 2nd Saturday of the month and we needed a solution.


The Pavilion at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church was the perfect location.  It’s where we use to have our food pantry before the flood and I am grateful that they welcomed us back this month.


Outside of our comfort zones, our schedules and routines and procedures get challenged.  We did things a little different last month. Our customers have a little bit further to walk from their cars, but they shop in the shade and under fans.  It’s nice under the Pavilion.


When we are open to change, we are open to saying YES more.  We have more opportunities and experiences that come our way.  We get to meet new people and that’s always fun!


I am excited about what’s in store for our monthly food pantry under The Pavilion.  We had lots of new volunteers in June and we love meeting new friends. We have more room for more food and more vendors/partnerships.


What do you say we all embrace change this summer instead of resisting it?


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