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I think that we need to find ​contentment​ in order to truly live in a state of gratitude rather than just experiencing fleeting gratitude. If we can work toward feeling grateful regardless of who or what we’re comparing ourselves to, then we’ll develop a more authentic, deeper sense of gratitude that lasts, instead of the “conditional” gratitude that comes when we hear of others’ misfortune or sit down at the Thanksgiving table.

Being grateful and content doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to better things, it just means we need to find ourselves content right where we are in the process. I often dream of the “what if’ and “one days” but I want to be grateful for the here and now! Content in my current state of, well … “whatever”. Because, like I say often these days, “This is just where I’m at”. I do not want to stay here, but I can learn to be content and have gratitude, while I am here. That, my friend, is the tricky part. My hope for you (and myself) this Thanksgiving is that we can truly find ourselves not just grateful for things we have and the ones we love around us, but the​ contentment​ of knowing this is “where we are” and finding joy and hope in that place. Day by day moment by moment!

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