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Go Play!

So how many of you out there are ready for school to start?
This Mama is!
Personally,  I like the routine of the school year.  Summer is great, at first,  relaxing days, no rushing around, sleeping late…..  you know all the good stuff.  That is until about week 6 for me.  Now, I cant handle the stuff I was most excited about doing on week one.
So, what do we do for the last 4 weeks of summer??
When I was a kid, (I know, I sound old) my Mom would put out a Tupperware pitcher of Kool Aid and the color coded cups that came with it.  Then,  she would say,  “go play!” this meant do not come back in the house unless you wanted to take a nap or do a chore.  And guess what?  We played.  We figured out what to do, and when the Kool Aid ran out,  we drank from the hose.  Those were the long hot days of summer in my childhood.  This generation however,  does not know how to just, “go play!”
Technology has crushed being silly, imaginative, dirty and stinky.  I don’t think it is all bad,  just in moderation.  I admit, my 12 year old has been in his, “cave” all summer. Watching YouTube and playing XBOX.  But,  that is about to change!
Can we try to use the last 4 weeks to teach our kids how we did it?
Pull out cards, board games, old magazines, art supplies, water guns, old sheets.  And play Go Fish, Monopoly, Hide and Seek, be a Teacher or an Artist, and build a living room Fort!
And maybe,  just maybe, you can make a pitcher of Kool Aid and walk them outside, this may shock some children, and tell them, “GO PLAY!”

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