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Managing our busy schedules

I’ve been asked to share a few tips focusing on how to manage an incredibly busy schedule. Between completing homework, preparing dinner and fulfilling every extracurricular activity, the list can sometimes seem overwhelming. Don’t fret! It’s important to understand that you don’t magically manage, it takes years of practice, but I think if you’ll follow a few simple rules, life will be much easier at home.

To begin, Sunday night is the key. Be sure laundry is finished and pantry and fridge is stocked for the week with two meals prepared. This will be your saving grace when baseball/football/cheer practice goes a bit too long..

Next, don’t forgot to take care of yourself….whatever that means for you. This is so important! Taking time to de-stress will help you get reenergized to tackle anything that comes your way.

Be flexible. Of course having a routine and schedule will go a long way, but you don’t want to be so rigid that if something goes wrong you’re in meltdown mode. Being able to roll with the punches is half the battle.

Lastly, get everyone on board! You don’t have to be Wonder Woman and complete everything alone. Talk to your spouse and kids and make sure they understand the schedule and tasks for the week. It helps if everyone pulls some weight and feels like they are part of the wheel of the household.

Some of my kids favorite after school snacks were peanut butter with jelly crackers, apple or banana with peanut butter, ice cream, yogurt, and chocolate!

Good Luck Everyone!

-Ms. Rebecca


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