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Thanksgiving 2018

Although the Thanksgiving holidays are coming to a close, my overflowing heart isn’t ready for it to be over. The turkey leftovers are slim in the fridge, but my thoughts of TURKEYS are still so close. My friends, family, and I had a great holiday serving our community plenty of hams, turkeys, yummy sides and a bring portion off LOVE that go along with this yummy meal.

Mighty Moms is made up of three parts that make it successful.
🔸Our supporters
🔸Our volunteers
🔸Our hungry friends

Each part is so important. I love watching all 3 come together to serve, love, pray, give, and accept. Mighty Moms started our ThanksGIVING last Saturday delivering hams and crock pots to 170 Mighty Mom families. Healing Place Church-DS provided the hams, crockpots, and many volunteers and it was a terrific morning. Tuesday night at Christ’s Community Church, volunteers cooked and donated to make 160 Turkey meals. Countless volunteers came together to deliver those yummy cooked meals all over the parish. I love Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. We’ve been a part of this for 7 or more years and it’s a blessing to watch our Father multiply and provide for every family who is on the list. A local realtor, Brittiny Howard, donated 55 frozen turkeys on Wednesday. I love this part of Thanksgiving too. Blessing friends with a bird makes ThanksGIVING so real. My driveway looked like a drive through on Wednesday….lots of hugs, smiles, and turkeys going out all day. On Friday morning, our friend from Trader Joe’s called wanting to donate 155 refrigerated turkeys. I really didn’t know what to do with that many thawed turkeys after Turkey Day, but I told him YES and recruited my hard working hubby and our friend, Zach Osborn. They help me load those thawed birds, turkey juice and all. It’s not a glamorous job, but I’m thankful God chose me to do it😉

Our friends at Louisiana Culinary Institute graciously accepted my plea to house these turkeys AND cook them for our December 9th pantry. We unloaded 66 turkeys in their big cooler and drove away thankful we only had 89 more to go. Abundant Life Church took 50 turkeys in their freezer and the rest were given to precious friends of mine who delivered them to families in need.

The three parts of Mighty Moms, the supporters, volunteers, and the hungry, are all equally valuable to making Mighty Moms and me. Without one of the parts, we wouldn’t be the same. I love what I do with Mighty Moms. I pinch myself sometimes because Its hard to believe this is my life.

Last night, when all the turkeys were gone and the turkey juice was washed off, I sat outside to remember the last few days. I am truly thankful for so many things. My list looks a lot like yours, I’m sure. I have to say, I am thankful that God is writing the Mighty Mom story and I get to be a part of what He is doing. Thank you to HPC-DS, CCC, ALC, Trader Joe’s, Zach, Ben, and Cole and so many more. I love you guys and I thank God for each of you.

I think this verse from James 1:17 says it all, including the turkeys🦃

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights.”

I hope you all had a GOD moment this Thanksgiving holiday. A moment that allowed you to slow down enough to recognize the good and perfect gifts He has given each of us.



  1. My family was one of the ones that received a cooked Thanksgiving meal. The meal itself was delicious! But also was so thankful for the lovely couple that came out on that cold night to deliver it to us. They even came in and held hands with us as we prayed. Such a blessing!

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