Fighting childhood hunger one Full Tummy at a time.

  • lunch-bag
    21,553 bags this year (in 2017/18)
  • lunch-bag
    634 bags a week
  • mom
    30 delivery moms
  • VectorSmartObject_b8748fc1-5412-42ac-ae3f-afc1836d5fb1
    $12,000 monthly grocery bill

Mighty Moms distributes an average of 600 Full Tummy bags a week to 42 different Livingston Parish Schools. This school year we have given 21,553 bags costing around $5 each. This little project has grown into something we never dreamed it would be. Full Tummy is now an important part in the lives of so many children. We now have 30 delivery moms, who faithfully (rain or shine) meet us on Wednesdays to pick up the children’s bags and deliver to their assigned school(s). Our bag packers, about 50 of them, rotate every week and get the 600+ weekly bags packed and ready to go. Our funding can be up to $15,000 monthly in monetary and in kind donations. It continues to grow.

The good-willed, loving people of our community support Mighty Moms in an enormous way. Financially, yes! We could not feed so many children without their financial support. But our volunteers and supporters help in so many important ways. Mighty Moms has so many thoughtful, caring, precious people helping us keep the Full Tummy project going every week. Through their efforts and support, they help us with food drives, barrel deliveries, purchasing and unloading groceries, spreading the word of our mission and lifting our group in prayer. They send encouraging emails and handwritten notes that lift our spirits and energize us. We could not do this without the help of these supporters and volunteers, churches and the many blessings from our loving Heavenly Father.

We are so blessed to be a part of something that is a blessing to many. We are grateful and our hearts are full.

As we are experiencing some changes in our FullTummyProject, please stay tuned for volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year.

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